I got into the Peace Corps !!!

Well I have 49 more days till I leave for Kenya and I havent even started packing my life away for this journey.. Im having so many mixed emotions right now. But honestly I dont think ill start packing till the beginning of September.  

Need to start blogging about this whole Peace Corps journey!!! application process and everything…

Well for now toodles…. next post will outline everything 

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"gurl im goin natural"
she says
but to me going natural doesn’t end at my hair
but incorporates me embracing my culture, and being true and proud of who I am
the word natural denotes in my dictionary….. the ability to identify and embrace the being you are
the ability to look within you and see the gifts
God has blessed you with .
lets stop playing games there’s no need to pretend
just take a long look inside and define yourself with the beauty that resides
the world tries
to judge…. BUT
i just look over my shoulders shake my head and dust the haterz off
Allow me to make mistakes,
Allow me to think,
Allow me to be free,
Allow me to love, allow me to see and soar like a dove….. A masterpiece i am in the making.
I AM ART… the truth i stand…. nat U ral by choice… M.I.T.M

PS. women and men lets extend the boundries of what it means to be natural like one of my sistas said,”lets work outside the box”
lets work together to bring love and peace among our people and other cultures
let us embrace each other accepting our uniqueness and differences
for we are leaders, not of this black struggle but of this beautiful story that the future has instore

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cold war

this note is inspired by the song cold war by janelle monae. im listening to it as i write this “thought/poem”

i stare into the distance hoping that i can see ………..

The world i live in seems to be spinning so fast and i have no longer been able to keep my feet grounded into this earth

i feel alone and fight to stay sane in this insane place im in

 i need to have faith

"i was made to believe there was something wrong with me"

but now i see i was the one

moving away

from the world

i was the one able to see

sometimes the best thing for you  is to be alone in this world

it gives you the ability to be free,to  think free,  to live free

and find the key

to your inner potential

to explore yourself  in ways in which  no one will judge you.

the sad reality in life is that the only place that you will have peace will be six feet under

we must  battle in this cold war here on earth

the cold war we battle with ourselves to break off the chains that the world tries to keep us  locked in

and fight to remain true to ourselves

being in a natural state of mind is the ultimate goal

But the  battle we will conquer

and with every step you and I take to make this place a better place we break the chains of judgement and live to be


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what does it mean to be free?

define it for me please

someone can you help me

help me someone i need to know what it feels like to be free

i want to taste freedom and experience it ways unimaginable to me

i want to hear freedom

i want to make love to freedom

i want to see freedom

i want freedom to touch me

im terrified am i living ?

living in this earth but yet feel dead..

hE said, “i have a dream

that one day

well i have a dream that one day i will be free in my mind and in my soul.

allow for freedom to take over me and take me places  ive never been……………………..

the beauty of wearing freedom proudly on my shoulders now

no more listening to the world

i walk on the path filled with  love , peace, and joy…..

I  found freedom

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I dream

It will be a website where people can go who have the same Goals. And dreams connect..then people that feel that they can be apart of helping making that dream possible. Form a team. I want this to be huge in different categories.but the first category will be. Be apart of world change. The second one can be I develop..this will be for people who hae technological ideas..ooooh and the way u get people interested is by that code that u share…

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Potenial is the start of life..we as human beings start as potential cells having the ability to turn into life we then

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this song makes me smile

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tomorrow is the day!!!

its finally here tomorrow im going to get this cast removed. OMGEEE i cant wait.!! Lord im just praying that i get good news… cuz if not im going to be pretty sad.. but either way,I cant wait!!

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dreaming of my documentary

at some point in my life Im going to make a documentry. already know what the backdrop music is going to be ..lol ..not sure what it might be about yet.. could be about me, my life„but im thinking it might be my journey when i go to the peace corps. that going to be so amazing Im so excited!!

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